Buyers Real Estate Agent / Realtor

 Buyers Representation

  • Buyer’s needs
  • Buyer’s qualifications
  • Searching for the suitable property
  • Negotiating the deal
  • Due diligent process
  • Closing
  • Occupancy
Buying property in Florida

Buying property in Florida

Our professional and dedicated Buyer’s Real Estate Agent represent you and protect your interest to make the process easy and avoid typical mistakes that occur on a dual agency representation by the majority of real estate broker firms.

Buyer Real Estate Brokerage or Buyer Real Estate Agency is the practice of real estate brokers and their agents representing a buyer in a real estate transaction rather than, by default, representing the seller either directly or as a sub-agent. A Buyer Real Estate agency can exist exclusively (where a brokerage firm chooses to only represent buyers and never sellers, as an exclusive buyer agent) or, in a full-service company, by offering buyer agency to buyers who become clients.

An Exclusive Buyer Agent (EBA) is a FL. real estate firm (or an agent or broker who works in such a company) that represents only buyers of real estate. EBA firms never take listings and, therefore, never represent the seller in a real estate transaction. Exclusive buyer agent firms have chosen this business model in order  to eliminate the conflict of interest that exists when one firm attempts to represent both buyer and seller in the same transaction This is called a transaction agent, when  the agents presents neither the buyer or the seller and is only there to put the deal together.

Method of exclusive service

The service structure for EBA real estate practitioners is to show buyers all possible listings from other cooperating brokers as well as all other sources, Then, they assist the buyer with evaluation, negotiation and advocate in the buyer’s best interests without restriction.

EBA firms amount to less than 1/2 % of all real estate firms in the US. The EBA business model of un-conflicted buyer representation eliminates the possibility of the buyer being confronted with the conflicts of interest which may be associated with the Dual, Limited or Designated Agency business models.

Buyers as clients

The real estate licensee agrees to work solely for the buyer and in return, the buyer agrees to exclusive representation.

At this point, a real estate brokerage owes the buyer the duties of:

  • Loyalty to the buyer by acting in the buyer’s best interest.
  • Confidentiality by not disclosing facts that could influence the buyer’s ability to negotiate the best terms.
  • Disclosure to other parties in the transaction that the licensee has been engaged as a buyer’s agent.

The broker negotiates price and terms on behalf of the buyers and prepares standard real estate purchase contract by filling in the blanks in the contract form. The buyer’s agent acts as a fiduciary for the buyer